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Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS)
In the early summer of 2020, the Torrance control tower cut back its operating hours due to staffing issues resulting from COVID-19 pandemic. The control tower at John Wayne airport closed for several days for the same reason. Other airports were similarly affected.

Torrance Disaster Airlift Response Team (T-DART)
After conducting a successful large-scale disaster drill, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) concluded that general aviation pilots, aircraft, and airports (such as Torrance Airport) are key resources in event of a national or regional disaster emergency. Torrance Airport will play a key role.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
In 2015, TAA teamed up with the Torrance Unified School District to hold an annual "STEM Day at the Airport." A series of class experiences were selected and presented by pilots, aircraft owners and other volunteers. This event was held on the days that the Collings Foundation visited Torrance with their historic aircraft. The students toured the Collings aircraft to see application of the "hands-on" lessons taught in the STEM classes.

Plans are being made to continue the aviation-related STEM classes using a curriculum devised by the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association with support by TAA and the airport's Sling Pilot Academy. These classes would be a part of the school's regular curriculum.

Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tours
From 2015 through 2019, TAA and the Western Museum of Flight hosted the Collings Foundation's Wings of Freedom Tour. The Foundation flew several of their historic aircraft on tours around the United States. Torrance was one of their favorite stops and the event was very popular with area residents.

In early 2020, the City of Torrance requested that the event be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Later that year, the Federal Aviation Administration decided not to renew the Foundation's waiver that allowed them to charge passengers to ride in the historic aircraft. Thus, the future of this project is currently uncertain.