Owners of aircraft that exceed the Torrance Noise Ordinance are sent warning letters. The following is a summary of the number of letters sent. The noise monitoring equipment was not operational from September 2002 through June 2008.

In 2013, aircraft based at Torrance Airport accounted for only 1/4 of the violations. The rest were made by aircraft based elsewhere.

A 14-month study revealed that only 12 individuals (only 10 of them Torrance residents) made over 50% of the 352 complaints about airport operations. ONE INDIVIDUAL made over one quarter of them! Overall, the study found that 99.7% of Torrance residents DO NOT COMPLAIN about airport operations.

In the first quarter of 2015, Torrance Noise Abatement Office reported that a single complainter made 239 of the 348 complaints. That is 79% from ONE PERSON--nearly 3 complaints per day--EVERY DAY.