History of the landing fee issue

On June 9th, the City Council asked staff to investigate landing fees as a means to help close the huge gap between its revenues and expenses caused by the COVID virus pandemic. TAA immediately issued an alert to the pilot community.

Staff had clearly been researching this for some time. In a memo, dated June 10, they proposed three options for fixed-wing aircraft only:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Charge fees for transient fixed-wing aircraft only (net income $261,000 per year)
  3. Charge fees for both transient and based fixed-wing aircraft (net income $386,000 per year)

At the Council meeting on June 16, staff presented their memo and the City Council was deluged with over 50 letters from our flight schools, airport businesses and Torrance pilots--all opposed to landing fees. As a result, Council decided to send the issue to Airport Commission for study. The Airport Commission has suspended meetings due to the pandemic restrictions, but it will come up eventually and a recommendation will be returned to Council for a decision.

This landing fee proposal has some obvious problems:

TAA and Sling Pilot Academy have teamed up to fight imposition of landing fees at Torrance Airport. We have purchased a dataset of historic flight events data for Torrance Airport from FlightRadar24 and will be analyzing it to determine:

When the landing fee proposal comes before the Airport Commission and City Council, WE WILL BE READY.